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In My House: Kate Spade Dainty Sparklers Reversible Earrings

I stumbled upon these 12-carat gold earrings by accident.


On a recent trip, my husband was carrying my favorite Kate Spade bag and a cooler into our hotel room along with a Pack’n’Play, umbrella stroller, diaper bag, and 37 other things when the handle of the cooler mutilated the 24-carat gold plate on the front of said Kate Spade bag. This is why we can’t have nice things. So in a desperate attempt to see if scratches can be removed from the plate (seriously, if you know, please help me out with that), I typed “gold” into the search bar of


(Sad purse and pathetic photography skills)

Yellow gold earrings are a huge step outside the box for me but I’m digging them. While I’ll still stick to white gold or silver for most of my accessories, these are fun for something different.

The earrings are designed to be reversible (genius) but I found that when I want to wear the twist in front, the ball seems really large on the back of my ear lobe. I decided to use a regular backs off another pair of earrings and voila!


(Image from

I am always a sucker for cute packaging and these earrings definitely fit the bill. Check out the cute bag. How fun would that be for gift-giving? Or gift-giving to yourself as in my case.


Seriously, if you know how to remove scratches from my purse, please inform me.

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