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Money Can’t Buy the Perfect Wedding

Word is heiress Nicky Hilton got her wedding dress caught under a car tire and flashed people at her lavish Kensington Palace wedding this weekend. It made me chuckle to see that headline but it also made me realize that no amount of money can assure a bride the perfect wedding. I began to reflect on my own wedding day nearly two years ago.

I had to try really hard to think of anything that went wrong on my wedding day. My mom burned a hole in my veil the day before the wedding while she was ironing it per my request (don’t do that.) Guests at the rehearsal dinner knocked shelving off the wall of the venue. My husband slipped and fell getting into his vehicle before the ceremony. I got a tiny smudge of lipstick on my ivory satin gown while preparing to walk down the aisle. Guess what? None of these things matter to me now. They didn’t even matter to me right after the ceremony when an enormous weight is lifted and replaced by a massive flood of joy.


(No, nobody fell off the dock, so maybe it was a perfect day.)

(Photo by Mist and Moonlight Photography)

Every wedding will have a few moments of mayhem. My best friend started her wedding day with a scratched eye due playing too aggressively with her dog that morning. Another friend’s pillars to light the unity candle melted in the car while we were at the rehearsal dinner. Yet another friend’s ceremony was followed by tornado warnings and a torrential downpour as the wedding party made its way to the reception.

But at the end of the day, do we really remember those minor details as much as we remember how much fun we had celebrating the newly married couple? My point is, if you’re planning a wedding, don’t stress. If something can go wrong at Nicky Hilton’s top-dollar wedding, something can go wrong at yours. Accept it, and let it go, knowing those little glitches don’t matter as long as you end the big day married to the man of your dreams.

What went wrong on your big day? Did it really matter in the end?


1 thought on “Money Can’t Buy the Perfect Wedding”

  1. When we showed up at the reception venue after a few post-ceremony pictures, the manager came to tell us we’d already run out of wine. Since the reading at the church had been “Jesus changes water into wine at the wedding at Cana”, the minister had a field day! It turned into a good laugh for everyone. I still say if that’s the worst thing that happened that day, then we didn’t do too badly.

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