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Bringing Good Out of Tragedy: The Mark Park

I have always found it so admirable when people are able to take an unspeakable tragedy and create something positive. That’s exactly what my friend Paul and his family have done in creating The Mark Park, a beautiful park in the tiny community of Whitewood, South Dakota.


Paul’s brother Mark committed suicide in 2008 at the age of 16. During this painful time, Paul and his family needed somewhere to focus that grief and turn it into something good. That is when they began planning, fundraising, and building the park.


As you can see by the photos, The Mark Park is coming along beautifully but there is so much more to be done. The family would like to add a replica old western town for children and more trees and benches. Although the park is maintained by Mark’s family and some kind volunteers, things like electricity, sewer, lawn care, and paint cost money.


Paul writes: “Many of us have been affected by suicide and are missing someone we love. Knowing that there is a special place out there creating happiness may bring a smile to someone’s face. The goal is to give those who need a smile a place to see how great life is and to forget any negativity they may be experiencing.”

To donate to The Mark Park, visit the park’s CrowdRise site here.


3 thoughts on “Bringing Good Out of Tragedy: The Mark Park”

  1. Katie – thank you for your beautiful blog post on The Mark Park. Our family truly appreciates dear souls like you who don’t have to help, but do anyway. Mark was such a great young man. It is hard to believe that it has been almost seven years since his death. As his biggest sister, my heart still breaks sometimes. Then I go to The Mark Park and my heart heals. Thanks for your part in that peace of heart.


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