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The Lost Art of Letter Writing

I have a penpal in Germany to whom I have been writing for something like 18 years (wow, I know!) We were paired up as part of an eighth grade English class project. Nearly four years ago I met her in person for the first time when our travel plans happened to bring us both to New York City. A year later her family hosted me for a fantastic week in Germany.


While we are “friends” on Facebook and email or text occasionally, we have vowed to continue writing real, pen-to-paper letters as our main form of communication. It is a lost art and one that is so enriching.

We usually write at least two letters to each other a month and are always sure to send each other post cards any time we travel. Over the years international mail service has really come a long way. It now takes only a few days to receive letters that used to take two weeks. It has been such a great experience to correspond through high school, college, getting married, and now motherhood.


One cannot argue that electronic communication is the most convenient but it does not replace the good vibe of opening the mailbox and seeing a cute envelope awaiting you (something other than a bill or donor solicitation from your alma mater!)

If you have a spare moment this week, write someone an old-fashioned note and drop it in the mailbox. It is sure to brighten anyone’s day.

I am pleased that there continues to be a pretty good stationery selection on the market despite the popularity of social media. Buying adorable stationery is one major highlight of continuing the lost art of letter writing. Here are three I would like in my life.

Fun and classic polka dots (


Cheerful floral assortment (


 Animals in outfits? Sign me up. (


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