My Daughter Bites and Won’t Wear Shoes

It was there glaring at me when I picked my one-year-old up from daycare. I hung my head in shame, because there, stapled to her daily information sheet was the supplementary documentation no parent wants to see: The biting notice.

Yes, my dear, sweet daughter bit another child when that child would not “get out of her way.”

I want an independent, free-thinking child. I want her to be confident and not be the kid getting bullied on the playground. I do not want her to be the bully herself, biting some poor unsuspecting child who rubs her the wrong way.

I know I am overreacting. She is only one. Her teacher at daycare said we can help by reiterating that mouths are for food, not for biting.

The Biter is also the girl at daycare with the dirtiest feet because, despite being a full-fledged walker now, she refuses to wear shoes (and lately, even socks). She has a meltdown when I come anywhere near her with them.

us1(I had purchased adorable coral red ballet flats for this photo shoot, but she’s barefoot of course.)

(Photo by Alyssa Crawford Photography)

Do all parents go through these phases of feeling like their child is the bratty, or, the politically correct term, “spirited,” one? The one who acts out? I believe they do, and this phase with my daughter is teaching me to be more patient with other people’s children when they are throwing food at a restaurant, or screaming on an airplane, because no parent or child is perfect. At the end of the day, we’re all just doing the best we can. And I love my little biter, dirty feet and all.

6 thoughts on “My Daughter Bites and Won’t Wear Shoes”

  1. Love this! In my opinion biting is a stage lots of kids go thru my oldest was a biter how else are they suppose to get their point across. It didn’t last long and I bet yours won’t either! Great read keep em coming.


  2. The struggle is real! We have the same issue with the shoes and socks, but instead of biting my little is a hair puller. You’re not alone, but instead, in good company!


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