Portland Children’s Museum

Aside from going all Axl Rose on our hotel room and finding a rock on the sidewalk with which she refused to part, the Portland Children’s Museum was definitely the highlight of the trip for my daughter.


I have an unquenchable thirst for learning. I would forever be in grad school grabbing various degrees if someone would fund it. I love opportunities to promote education to my girl, and the museum has various rooms with more activities than one can get to in a day.


She played with clay.


She loved the child-size vet clinic complete with stuffed dogs to treat.



We played the piano (poorly).


She dug around in rubber dirt in the miniature construction site.


She ended a busy day contemplating various career paths by shopping for groceries in the toy food supermarket at the museum where she selected steak, potatoes, apples, and oysters on the half-shell.


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