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Get Over It, Cell Phone Salesman, I Love My Day Planner

Is there any task more annoying than going to the cell phone store? I can’t think of anything, except maybe calling the cable company. On a recent trip to upgrade my cell phone, I found myself defending my paper day planner to an overzealous cell phone salesman who couldn’t believe I wasn’t using my cell phone as a planner.


I’m obsessed with my paper day planner. I rely heavily on it and have experienced major separation anxiety when momentarily misplacing it. I get excited when it’s time to get a new one every year. The cell phone salesman was baffled by the fact that I wasn’t using my iPhone as a day planner. He felt the need to express all its features to me.


I’ll admit I’m an obsessively organized person most of the time. A major part of maintaining my sanity is using this day planner. Has anyone else felt the need to explain their commitment to paper planners, books instead of Nooks and Kindles, or actual hand-written notes instead of email? I love my Kindle but I still need to read a real book now and then. I text and email, but I love to send hand-written notes whenever I get the chance. Let’s keep a little paper in our lives!



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