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A Few Thoughts on Marriage

When my husband tells the story of our first date, he says I couldn’t seem to get out the restaurant door quickly enough after dinner. When I tell the story of our first date, I say he didn’t laugh at my awesome Robin Leach impression when I ordered champagne chicken with mushrooms and said “champagne chicken and caviar dreams.” What can I say? His sense of humor needs work.


Anyhow, we went on a second date which was far less awkward, and here we are, about to celebrate our second wedding anniversary. We got married October 19, and on December 1, found out our daughter was on the way. The pregnancy was intentional, but a little earlier than anticipated. I blame all the oysters we ate while on our honeymoon.


That means we had about a month of marriage before I spent several months vomiting, sleeping as much as possible, and crying for no reason. Maybe that would have happened even had I not been pregnant, but I think it really helped strengthen our marriage early because we had to dive right into that whole sickness and health thing.


Having a baby in the first year of marriage definitely poses some challenges, but I feel tremendously fortunate because there are many couples out there struggling to conceive. I like this marriage thing and I feel like we’re doing a decent job of parenting. We haven’t lost the baby yet! I’m looking forward to many, many more years with this guy, even if he doesn’t think the champagne chicken joke was funny.

(Photos by Mist and Moonlight Photography)


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