Giada (Coupons Included)

I decided to act like a Food Network groupie while we were in Las Vegas on our anniversary adventure. We tried Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill, which was good, but Giada at the new boutique hotel The Cromwell was absolutely fantastic.


I have long been a fan of Giada De Laurentiis. I marvel at how she eats decadent Italian fare and remains a size 4. Turns out, Giada’s secret is even etched into the light fixtures at her charming restaurant: “I eat a little of everything and not too much of anything.”


The dining room overlooks the Bellagio fountains. We were there for lunch, but I can only imagine the few after dark would be exquisite.



We started with a cheese plate (Parmigiano-Reggiano with wild sage honey) and bresaola, a delicious dried and aged beef served in paper-thin slices. Then I had this amazing margherita pizza, which truly was the best I have had.


How fun would mini margherita pizzas be on these little pans from Macy’s? Use this coupon code! If you need some gadgets from KitchenAid, they are offering free shipping over $75, too. After all, Christmas is coming.

My husband had the salmon cake benedict and it was delicious, too.



And yes, I was the weirdo taking blog pictures in the restroom. The stack of hand towels that match the dinnerware was just so my cup of tea.

In honor of all things Food Network, here is a coupon for the Food Network Store good until the end of the year. You can find all kinds of great coupons and sign up for discounts at, gracious sponsors of this post. If you are making travel plans of your own, check out this coupon for discounted hotel rooms, too.


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