Exploring Death Valley (Coupons Included)

While my husband and I were celebrating our anniversary with a trip to Las Vegas, we rented a car and took the two-hour drive to Death Valley for some hiking.


Death Valley is desolate and beautiful. On this October day it was around 90 degrees there.


After spending a few hours exploring Zabriskie Point, Furnace Creek, Dante’s View, and the Sand Dunes, we were ready to voyage back to Las Vegas for a romantic dinner.


Mother Nature had other plans. We saw the clouds building off in the distance.


Those clouds were covering the desert ground with rain, flooding most of the highways back into Las Vegas. I began to get a little nervous. I began to have visions of foregoing my lovely hotel room on the Vegas Strip to stay at a sketchy hotel wherever we could find one. Or sleeping in the car.



As usual, my husband was calm and collected. He promised we would make it back, and after detouring almost 200 miles out of the way, we arrived at our hotel with time to grab a late but very romantic dinner. P.S. I need new hiking shoes, and here’s a free shipping coupon for my favorite shoe shopping site.


If I have to be stranded in a flooded desert, this is the guy I want by my side.


We rented our car through Hertz. Click here for a coupon. If you’re planning your own trip to Las Vegas, click here for an Expedia deal on airfare/hotels or check out this coupon for hotel discounts. Thanks to for sponsoring this post. There are hundreds of fantastic coupons there.


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