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The Photo Shoot

I have realized in my short time as a parent (almost 16 months) that one requirement of solid parenting is occasionally traumatizing your child in the name of cuteness and festive celebration. I mean, look at all those photos still hanging around from the 1980s of children freaking out on Santa’s lap.


I recently jumped on this bandwagon with an adorable autumn-themed photo shoot by the amazing Alyssa Crawford.


The weather was chilly and my girl was just not in the mood for the shoot. Matters were made worse when I was hastily changing her into her ladybug costume and she tipped over on the sidewalk. Bad mom. Bad mom. Bad mom.


But in a parenting tradition as old as time itself, I wasn’t about to give up on making my child look cute. I was determined to get at least one glowing smile to feature on a fall card to send to friends and family.


Alyssa has done several shoots for our family and always does an absolutely amazing job. Just when you think your child was the crabbiest possible subject she has ever photographed, she wows you with her adorable work!



And my poor girl is off the hook for another photo shoot for a couple more months. Does anyone else out there traumatize their children in the name of cuteness?

Photos by Alyssa Crawford Photography


2 thoughts on “The Photo Shoot”

  1. Oh my goodness these pictures are amazing and your daughter is absolutely adorable! I found your blog through the mombloggersclub and I have to say that I really enjoy it! I love the way you have incorporated so many high resolution personal pictures… they really add life to your words! Keep up the good work, mama!
    The Mama Nurse


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