Vermont: The Beautiful Essex Culinary Resort and Spa

My mother and I spent last weekend here…


The Essex Culinary Resort and Spa is a peaceful resort nestled in Essex Junction, Vermont. To a couple of girls from the Midwest it seemed just so perfectly New England.


The resort features a spa, which we toured but were just too busy to enjoy. It also features a culinary academy. We took a fantastic gourmet cooking class. (Post coming soon.) There are also two fantastic restaurants at the resort.




The grounds are absolutely gorgeous. Although the weather was brisk, we spent some time just strolling about.




The reception desk features fresh-baked goodies like blueberry scones, so the lobby smells warm and inviting.




One feature you can’t see here is the stellar WIFI connection which allowed Mom and I to watch plenty of Jimmy Fallon videos of Lip-Syncing Battles and the Cluckineers when we wanted to unwind at night.


We can’t wait to visit the Essex again. If you find yourself in Vermont, it’s an absolute must. (This is not a paid endorsement.)

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