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My Favorite Things: Chanel Chance

I absolutely love Chanel Chance and have been a longtime wearer of the fragrance. I am pretty sure I splurged on a bottle with my first paycheck from my first job out of college. As a rookie newspaper reporter, that probably meant I had to eat Ramen noodles for at least a month. But Ramen noodles always taste like filet mignon when you’re wearing Chanel.


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I used to wear it every day. Now I opt for a lighter, less expensive fragrance for days at the office and save this special bottle for the elusive date night or vacation. Every time I try a new fragrance I always conclude that nothing compares to Chance.

It is fresh and youthful with just slight floral note. There is just something special about it. Maybe because I wore it on my wedding day and associate the fragrance with happy memories.


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It now comes in this handy travel-size bottle that I definitely need to pick up. It comes with two 0.7-ounce refills that are a TSA-compliant size for throwing in your airplane carry-on.

What is your favorite fragrance? Do you like to try a variety or do you stick to one classic?


2 thoughts on “My Favorite Things: Chanel Chance”

  1. I’m a die hard fan of Victoria’s Secret’s Body by Victoria. I thought I needed a new scent but nothing compares to it!


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