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Eight Reasons to Be Happy Christmas is Over

I hear a lot of people say they feel disappointed and sad when Christmas is over. The gifts are all opened, the tree has to be taken down and put (or thrown) away, and our calendars are no longer filled with holiday gatherings.


There is no reason to feel depressed after Christmas. In fact, there is plenty to celebrate about the hustle and bustle ceasing!

We had a wonderful Christmas, but there is still something so great about returning to normal life again.


Here are eight reasons I’m glad Christmas is over:

8. New Year’s Eve plans. These plans have definitely gotten low-key in the past few years, but it is still fun to plan a little something. This year, my husband and I are taking advantage of a baby-sitter back from college for winter break to go have a romantic dinner just the two of us. We will be back on the couch by 9 p.m. and I’m certain will be sound asleep before the ball drops on television. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

7. The major cleaning spree that goes with putting away Christmas decorations. Yes, I’m the super OCD gal who cleans up my tree on December 26. I can’t wait to get the house back in order and organized to my little heart’s content. I swept and mopped a little spot under the couch that I’m pretty sure had not been swept since we moved in. Nearly three years ago. Gross.

6. The endless barrage of holiday television specials gives way to legit programming. Welcome back, How to Get Away with Murder and Vikings.

5. You can enter Target without being trampled alive.

4. Weekends can be weekends again. Holiday parties and preparations are fun, but oh-so-time-consuming.

3. Days get longer. I realize this happens on December 21, not Christmas itself, but there is something so inspiring about the fact that the days are now going to get longer instead of darker and darker.

2. Spring coming.

1. Plans for the upcoming year. I don’t really do New Year’s resolutions, but it is fun to anticipate what 2016 will bring. I hope it will bring a few opportunities to travel, and some organization to my Tupperware cupboard.


4 thoughts on “Eight Reasons to Be Happy Christmas is Over”

  1. Great points! For New Years, the kids and I usually build a giant fort in the basement and play NYE Bingo or something of the sort while drinking sparkling cider. I know it seems silly to most people, but it is probably the most fun I’ve actually had on NYE.


  2. I was actually sad that Christmas was over because the girls are at a super fun age, where christmas is magical & enchanting to them. I want to enjoy that “magic” with them as long as I can! However when you listed about Target and not getting trampled anymore, my sadness disappeared. Target is my vacation to myself and I need some peace & quiet and space while I shop for another cute pair of work out pants, some organic flaxseed tortilla chips and la croix sparkling waters in every flavor imagined!


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