Meeting Milestones Head-On

What is it about being a mom that makes meeting our children’s milestones so bittersweet? On one hand, I love seeing my daughter learning and growing into the independent person she will be. On the other hand, it just happens so fast.

On Monday my daughter will transition from the “baby” room at her daycare center to the “toddler” room. You might be saying “so what?” But to me, her mother, it seems like a big deal.


I think about things like: Will the bigger kids welcome her? Are her self-feeding skills sufficient for this step? Will I still receive an informative sheet at the end of the day telling me when she napped and what she ate?

Fortunately the staff at her daycare center are great at communicating and have taken care to transition her properly, making sure she and I are comfortable with the new step.

When we really think about it, all of these milestones are exciting. They mean our children are progressing as they should be and we are blessed. They cannot stay babies forever, as much as we sometimes wish they could.

So on Monday I will embrace this new step with excitement and no tears. (And make my husband drop her off at daycare that morning.)


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