How We Enjoy Being Girls

I went into our 20-week ultrasound (I think it was actually 22 weeks when we had it) fully convinced I was having a boy.

From the moment I discovered I was pregnant I just had a complete “boy” vibe. I can’t explain it, but I was sure. On a trip to Hobby Lobby with my mom I even almost purchased fabric with an adorable vintage car print to make curtains for the little guy I was so sure I was carrying.

So when our doctor looked at the ultrasound screen and said “it looks very girlish,” I was surprised. I wasn’t sad or disappointed, just totally shocked. I had been so certain I was growing a little boy in my womb! It actually took me a couple of weeks to grow accustomed to the idea of having a girl.

Now I can’t imagine not having a daughter. She is fiercely independent and strong, but we do indulge in some of stereotypically feminine things that make being a girl really fun.

Pedis 2.27.2016



Tea parties.

2.27.16 3

Reading books for hours.

Changing clothes three times before leaving the house.

Picnics with Daddy.

Sylvan Lake 2.27.2016

I hope I am raising a determined person who never feels there are things she can’t do because she’s a girl, yet knows it is perfectly fine to engage in some feminine guilty pleasures. We can paint our nails one day, but not be afraid to get our hands dirty playing outside the next.


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