In My House

The Quilt

My great-great grandmother (that’s right, two ‘greats’) Lois made this quilt for me when I was a baby. She lived to be almost 100 and died when I was eight, which means I had the opportunity to get to know her. I didn’t realize then what a special gift it was to actually get to meet my great-great grandmother. As a child, you think everyone has a “Grandma Blair” as we called her.


I have always cherished this quilt. I used it often when I was a child and all the way into college. It started to show some wear and tear (character, as I call it) so I decided it was time to display the quilt safely on a quilt rack, which now stands in my dining room.


Grandma Blair used an old pedal sewing machine to stitch together her beautiful creations. I wonder if as she was pinning together each colorful piece she ever imagined someday her great-great-great granddaughter would be wrapped in the quilt she so lovingly made.


I think she knew.


(Professional photos by Alyssa Crawford Photography)


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