Finding Local Gems

I love to travel and explore new places, but I often forget to check out the fun destinations we have right here in western South Dakota.


This past weekend I was looking for something fun to do with my daughter while my husband worked. The Outdoor Campus-West operated by the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks Department was the perfect place. We invited my mom to meet us there, which made it extra fun for my girl.


The campus is free and features an abundance of fun and educational projects for kids of all ages. The outdoor “mud kitchen” was the highlight for my daughter. She played in it for at least 30 minutes which in toddler time is like 75 years.







South Dakota friends, you must check this place out. There is a campus in Rapid City and Sioux Falls.




My girl liked the “puppy.”



Wherever you live, get out and enjoy the local destinations. Even if you aren’t in a large city, there are a lot of hidden gems right in your back yard! If it’s somewhere you have been before, remember that seeing places through your child’s eyes is the best thing ever. Happy exploring!

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