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Parent Stickers by Short Stack Designs

Parents can use a shout-out sometimes, even for the little things. With Mother’s Day right around the corner, how about these hilarious stickers by Short Stack Designs?


Carrie from Short Stack Designs sent me these and I can’t wait to bestow them upon some of my favorite mommies.


These stickers celebrate those special occasions when merely putting on real pants or cleaning up the kitchen call for a round of applause.


My daughter loves receiving a sticker for an accomplishment, so why shouldn’t I, too?


Short Stack Designs has an entire line of custom-made baby announcements, birthday invitations, and funny stickers for a variety of occasions.


2 thoughts on “Parent Stickers by Short Stack Designs”

  1. “This mom peed alone in the bathroom today!” ” This mom’s preschooler wiped her own butt!” ” This mom didn’t forget the clothes in the washer today!” ” This mom made dinner that nobody complained about!’ Some things I feel I should be rewarded for!


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