Boise: Bodovino and The Modern Hotel

While I was visiting my bestie in Oregon last week, we took a little road trip to Boise, Idaho just for the night.


I’m trying to complete visits to all 50 states within the next few years (more on that goal later) and somehow Idaho was still on the list. We spent the night at the fun and funky Modern Hotel, which featured an adorable restaurant with a patio literally right outside our hotel room door.


After a cheese plate (an absolute must when the two of us get together), we walked a few blocks to downtown Boise.

We stopped into what we thought was just a charming little wine bar for a glass of red. What we found instead was that Bodovino offers self-serve wine tasting in these fabulous machines.

I realize this concept isn’t entirely brand new as I have seen them before on Food Network, but I was pleased to experience one for myself.


You load the amount of money you want on a card and slide it when you want to taste a wine. You can pay various amounts depending on if you want a taste or a full glass.




The wine was good, but the company was even better. I love my dear friend and cannot wait to see her again!







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