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Six Items Always in My Makeup Bag

I have always loved looking in other people’s makeup bags (with permission). In high school and college, I loved seeing what great products other people had, and now when I travel with friends, I can’t help but scope out their makeup stashes (again, with permission).

So today I’m returning the favor. A lot of products come and go from my makeup bag, but these six stay pretty constant.


1. This is technically two items because I love using the Clinique foundation brush with Clinique Even Better Makeup in Cream Whip. The coverage is light and smooth. Bonus: It contains sunscreen. The brush is one of the best cosmetic purchases I have ever made.

2. Kate Spade Live Colorfully roller ball. For the past year, this has been my go-to fragrance. I love the roller ball for traveling and handy everyday use.

3. Sephora nail polish wipes. These wipes take even dark polish off in one quick swipe and come in handy individual packs. I rarely use gel polish, but they will take that off as well. I throw a couple in my purse, too.

4. Good Old Carmex. I have bought high-end lip balms and nothing keeps up with my dry climate like Carmex. I love how available it is, too. I can replenish my supply while filling gas at Fresh Start.

5. Clinique Quickliner for Eyes Intense in Intense Black. I love this eyeliner. I have used Clinique’s regular eyeliner, too, but the intense version gives such a nice, smooth line. There are several great colors, but my eyes are really dark so I look silly with anything other than black. This eyeliner is gentle to my often dry eyes and lasts all day.

6. Say Yes to Grapefruit makeup removing wipes. Occasionally I buy the Say Yes to Cucumbers pack and I love that, too.


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