In My House

A Few Good Things

Life and work have been busy lately and I have been more absent than usual from A HOUSE WITH CHARACTER. Here are some positive things going on in life.

Beautiful spring evenings are finally upon us and I love views like this one from my front porch.


My grandma gave me this beautiful rose bush for Mother’s Day. I planted it in this rather sad and grassless corner of my yard this afternoon and I hope I can keep it alive!


My girl had her first haircut this week. She did great as long as she was on my lap.

First Haircut 5.18.16

The ladies are the salon made a big deal out of the experience and when she was finished being beautified, my daughter wandered around the salon saying “cheese! cheese!” mugging for the camera.

First Haircut 5.18.16 (9)

First Haircut 5.18.16 (5)

Last, but certainly not least, the love my girl has for her dog brother warms my heart every time.

Amelia and Norm 5.19.16

There is so much in life to be happy about. What’s making you happy these days?



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