Hiking: Lover’s Leap Trail


Lover’s Leap is my favorite hiking trail in Custer State Park and for good reason. On my first time hiking it way back in March 2013, my husband proposed to me! So it will always hold a special place in my heart.


This past weekend my girl was spending some quality time with her grandparents so the hubby and I took advantage of the gorgeous weather to hike the trail.


The loop is about three miles long. The Game, Fish and Parks Department rates it one of the more difficult trails in Custer State Park, but what I love is you get the tough stuff done early and get to enjoy a fantastic view. More information about the trail can be found here.


Guess what you can hear way up here? Nothing. Pure peace.



The trail got its name because legend has it that two star-crossed lovers leaped to their deaths from this point centuries ago. So you could say it was the site of South Dakota’s very own Romeo and Juliet saga. Fortunately our own love story has been a little happier than that, but we still enjoy the beauty of the trail.



The hike is steep in parts, but is beautiful throughout. It usually takes us about an hour and half to complete, and that’s with stopping for at least 15 minutes at the top to enjoy the view. We are excited to share this trail with our daughter when she gets a bit older.

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