Friendship After Motherhood

I have known people who become mothers and let their friendships fall by the wayside. This makes me sad. I have a loving and supportive husband, but during pregnancy and after becoming a mom I needed my close female friendships more than ever before.

Life is busy with or without kids, but it is so worth it to make time for relationships with good friends. This could mean carving out a few minutes to drop a hand-written note in the mail, sending a quick text message with a funny anecdote, or planning a weekend to take a five-hour road trip.

I did the latter this past weekend, with my nearly two-year-old in tow. There were a few stressful moments in the car on a desolate South Dakota highway during which I desperately tossed fruit snacks and board books into the back seat with one hand while steering my vehicle with the other. However, those few chaotic moments are not what I’ll remember about the trip…


What I’ll remember is how much fun it was to watch my daughter play with my friend’s sons while she and I caught up on life.


We enjoyed every minute of the two days we spent together.


I have written often about how quality time is so much more important than quantity of time, and I still stand by that statement. I might only see my closest friends once or twice a year, but we cram months worth of conversation and joy into those brief times, and we supplement that with emails, texts, and hand-written cards throughout the year.


So reach out to your friends! Send a note, pay a visit. You can make time for it, and when you do, I promise you’ll be so glad you did.


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