Virginia Beach

When researching this year’s family vacation, I took into consideration two factors: My desire to visit a state I have not visited, and my daughter’s love for “the beesh” as she calls it. We landed on Virginia Beach.

Virginia Beach (8)

Virginia Beach (9)

Virginia Beach (2)

We stayed at the Best Western Sandcastle right on the beach.

Virginia Beach (5)

The hotel isn’t fancy, but it’s clean and very kid-friendly. The location could not be better. Not only is it right on the beach next to the fishing pier, but it is surrounded by delicious seafood restaurants. We ate oysters, tuna, scallops, clams, lobster, shrimp, and of course our body weight in fresh crab.

Virginia Beach (3)

One of my favorite things about visiting the south are the gorgeous magnolias. They were fully in bloom during our trip and smell absolutely divine.

Magnolia (2)

Being buried in the sand is one of the girl’s new favorite hobbies.

Virginia Beach

I never tire of the sound of crashing waves. Or of these two.

Virginia Beach (10)

Traveling with a toddler means early mornings for exploring, and early-to-bed evenings like the one below. Always a bit of a morning person myself, I confess that I love this style of traveling.

Virginia Beach (6)

Stay tuned for more to come on our visits to the Virginia Aquarium and historic Yorktown and Jamestown as well as our little day trips to North Carolina and Maryland.

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