Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center

One of the musts on our family vacation last week was a visit to the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center. The facility features a huge variety of fish, turtles, reptiles, and, my favorite, seals and otters.

Virginia Aquarium (5)

The girl loved watching the sting rays and petting the horseshoe crabs and turtle.

Virginia Aquarium (2)

Virginia Aquarium (7)

I was so caught up in how adorable the seals and otters were that I completely forget to take a photo, but I did get one of the gorgeous flowers popping up throughout the aquarium grounds.

Virginia Aquarium (4)

The aquarium is beautiful and very kid-friendly.

Virginia Aquarium (14)


Virginia Aquarium (15)

A funny komodo.

Virginia Aquarium (13)

Another highlight was the variety of interactive buttons for kids to push. This one caused a volcano to erupt.

Virginia Aquarium (3)

Virginia Aquarium (12)

In my book there are few better ways to spend a hot afternoon than in a cool, relaxing aquarium.

Virginia Aquarium (6)



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