A Sweet Southern Farmstand

I hope everyone had a fantastic Fourth of July. I am back from a few days visiting in-laws and excited to share the last of my photos from our trip to Virginia, Maryland, and North Carolina. If you want to get me excited about something, incorporate great food with a quaint environment.

Virginia Farmstand (8)

Cullipher Farm Market in Virginia Beach is picture perfect. The produce is outstanding. Because we were staying in a hotel, we settled on some fresh peaches and raspberries, but I could really shop here every day.

Virginia Farmstand (10)

My brain was flooded with ideas of all the amazing cooking and baking that could be done with this incredible fresh produce.

Virginia Farmstand (6)

Virginia Farmstand (2)

Virginia Farmstand (3)

Virginia Farmstand (4)

One of the best parts of traveling is stumbling upon some of these roadside gems. We  devoured the fresh, juicy peaches and sweet raspberries in our rental car. Sorry, Hertz.

Virginia Farmstand (9)




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