A Date, A Picnic, and Going with The Flow

Last Saturday my parents kept my daughter for a sleepover so my husband and I could have a date night. We packed a picnic and headed to the Black Hills Playhouse.


The site of the playhouse also makes a perfect place for a romantic picnic. I had packed brie, Genoa salami, olives, fresh peaches, and a little wine.



After dining, we made our way into the playhouse for a sold-out production of Nunsense. As it turns out, our two seats were separated by a large post (load-bearing, I presume) so we would have been completely divided during a large portion of our much-needed date night. I decided I wasn’t willing to sacrifice my night with my hubby, even if it meant going home to play cribbage and drink the rest of the pinot grigio I packed.


I felt like a dweeb, but politely inquired at the box office about exchanging the tickets for another show later in the season. Because the show was sold-out, they would easily be able to sell them.

Do you feel bad complaining about things like this? I do. I used my most diplomatic voice and harnessed my years in public relations. The box office employee was quite friendly and we made someone else’s day because as soon as we released our tickets, some people were in line to grab them.



One thing parenting has definitely taught us is how to go with the flow. I wasn’t even disappointed to miss the play because I was so euphoric from our wonderful picnic, the brie, and the uninterrupted conversation next to the sparkling little creek. Time with this guy is worth complaining (politely) at a box office.



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