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Walking Down Memory Lane: Wishes for Baby

In honor of my daughter’s second birthday this Saturday, I’m sharing some of the warm wishes friends and family wrote down for her at the baby shower my best friend held for the girl and I a couple of months before she was born.


My friend had put together these adorable sheets for the shower guests to fill out with their wishes for my daughter. I am sentimental so I saved all of them and was flipping through them last night.


They ranged from funny to touching to inspirational, but they are all so special to me. Here are a few of the responses:

I hope you respect…clearance sales (my friend Emily)

I hope you love…me more than Emily (my friend Missy)

I hope you laugh…every day of your life (my aunt Dawn)

I hope you get…all that you wish for (my friend Lacey)

I hope you grow…up to be as wonderful as we know you will be (my mom)

I hope that you…are healthy (my grandma)

I hope you get…inspired by the little things (my friend Megan)

I hope you ignore…your uncle…sometimes (my sister-in-law Shannon referring to her husband)

I hope you become…kind and thoughtful (my mother-in-law)

I hope you love…ice cream and me (my cousin Cassidy)

I hope you aren’t afraid of…birds (my friend’s little girl)

I hope you grow…to be confident (me)




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