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Shopping: Neutral Gray, Black, and Ivory

I love gray. It might even be my very favorite color. Maybe because it is the hue of my beloved schnauzer, Norman. Or maybe because it always seems to be flattering and can be paired with almost any color.

I just booked an October family photo session with the incomparable Alyssa Crawford and so that means I run immediately to the drawing board for outfit ideas. I’m feeling gray, black, and ivory for this year’s family photo. In case you’re wondering, my husband will be wearing a plain gray or black button down shirt already in his closet and jeans. So today it’s all about shopping for us girls!


1. I plan to pair this dress with leggings in, you guessed it, gray. (H&M) 2. A bit of lace dresses up a simple tee. Before ordering, I did verify that the lace portion is not see-through. I’m a modest gal. (J. Crew) 3. The perfect black cardigan for my toddler. It looks like something from my closet. (Carter’s) 4. My girl refuses to leave in cute hair decorations, but she’ll do hats. This one is my fave. (H&M) 5. Mother of Pearl earrings keep with my love for gray. (Kate Spade/Nordstrom’s) 6. A simple ivory skirt for my girl to pair with the black cardigan. (Gap)


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