Providence, Rhode Island

Providence wasn’t really on our itinerary when my mother and I were recently in Rhode Island, but when our hotel near the beach turned out to be a flop, we diverted ourselves to downtown Providence for one lovely night.


We grabbed the very last available reservation for that night at the beautiful Renaissance Hotel in downtown Providence and ate delicious seafood at Hemenway’s. We were a little disappointed that Providence’s famous WaterFire, which normally would have taken place the night we were there, was rescheduled due to Labor Day festivities, but downtown Providence still made for a great walk. There were also several wedding parties having photographs done that evening so we had fun scoping out the gorgeous dresses. Creeping on weddings is one of my favorite things.



The Rhode Island State House was beautiful at night.


This fountain in Burnside Park was a gift to the City of Providence from Italian Diplomat Signor Paul Bajnotti. It was commissioned as a memorial to Bajnotti’s wife Carrie Mathilde Brown, who was born in Providence.


The next day we made a stop at Verde Vineyards about 20 minutes outside of Providence. I picked up a bottle of their Surveyor red wine to take home to my hubby.

Even when travel plans get disrupted a bit by a gross hotel room or impending bad weather, switching gears and changing plans can be even more fun!



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