In My House

Things That Take Less Time Than Choosing a Nail Polish Color

I love getting an occasional manicure or pedicure, but I almost always find myself standing in front of the nail polish shelves with my stomach in knots, stewing over finding the PERFECT hue.


(Don’t worry, the car was parked when I took this.)

Why is it so difficult? At best, a manicure or pedicure is going to last a month. Furthermore, you can remove the color at any time if you decide you don’t like it. Does anyone feel my pain?

Here are things I have done that have taken less time than it takes to select a nail polish color:

  • Organized my sock drawer and thrown away the socks with the big toe spot blown out. AKA all my socks.
  • Selected and purchased kitchen appliances.
  • Delivered a baby via emergency Cesarean.
  • Filed a 1040EZ tax return.
  • Pulled 62 cockleburs out of my schnauzer’s fur.
  • Taken a toddler to the bathroom on an airplane twice in one flight.

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