New Orleans

Our recent anniversary trip to New Orleans was relaxing, fun, and, like most of my vacations, filled with great food.


The jazz was upbeat and filled the streets.


St. Louis Cathedral was lovely.


I loved people watching and enjoying the sunny weather at Jackson Square one afternoon.


I also loved the Cajun food. During one meal I actually had jambalaya, étouffée, red beans and rice, and gumbo all in one sitting. When in Rome.



Confession: Although we stayed right on the corner of Bourbon Street, we only spent maybe a total of 20 minutes on the street itself. The city has so much more to offer. But during our short time on Bourbon Street we did see (among other oddities) a drunken 20-something guy dressed as Cookie Monster stumbling around after his buddies in the middle of the afternoon weeping because he lost his cell phone.





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