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10 Recent Pregnancy Thoughts: 18 Weeks

I’m nearly 18 weeks along now. I have started to feel a tiny bit better, but the exhaustion looms. Rather than bore (or disgust) you with all the pregnancy details, here are a few random thoughts…


  (Photo by Alyssa Crawford Photography)

10: Van Halen sure sounds good right now. (I usually can’t stand Van Halen.)

9: Did they change the scent of Play-Doh? (It has been years since I have smelled the stuff, but my daughter is really into it right now. I swear it smells different.)

8: I’m too old for this s#*&! (Like Danny Glover in Lethal Weapon.)

7: I want Frankenberry cereal now and for every meal.

6: I’m going to burst into happy hormonal tears every time I hear my two-year-old say the words “baby sister.”

5: I guess an international flight to see Metallica during the third trimester is probably out of the question.

4: I wonder if this $59-dollar green bean casserole in the Williams-Sonoma catalog is any good.

3: It’s weird that Williams-Sonoma sells green bean casserole in its catalog.

2: I wish I wouldn’t have just spent $59 on a green bean casserole.

1: I need a nap.




3 thoughts on “10 Recent Pregnancy Thoughts: 18 Weeks”

  1. I’m glad you didn’t say Nickelback was sounding good right now, because that never does! However, I have 3 Van Halen songs waiting to be compiled into a great mixed cd for you!


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