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Grandma the Stunt Double and Other Christmas Cheer

See the person in this photo with Santa? It’s not my daughter. A couple of weeks ago my two-year-old was all geared up to sit on Santa’s lap and tell him that she is requesting Paw Patrol toys and Barbies.

Santa (spoiler alert) also happens to be a long-time neighbor of my parents so when the girl wouldn’t comply, he said “sit down here, Kathy, and we’ll get a photo.” My daughter had an epic freak-out at Santa, but I wasn’t going to miss the opportunity to let her grandma step in as her Santa photo stunt double.


I have actually been stress-free this holiday season. Some of the pregnancy nausea is finally subsiding (it held on well into my 19th week) and I’m loving seeing my daughter’s reaction to everything Christmas related. I swear by getting at least half of my Christmas shopping done prior to Thanksgiving and that definitely alleviates a lot of stress. I love giving my friends and family Christmas gifts, but the shopping list can be a bit daunting.


The girl and I have been making festive treats and the whole fam (including Norman) has been enjoying the glow of the Christmas tree every evening at home.


There have been kisses under the mistletoe…


an adorable tree in the girls’ room…


and the sheer joy of watching a two-year-old take in all the fun of Christmas while I am simultaneously feeling her baby sis do somersaults in my tummy. Merry Christmas to all of you, dear readers!




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