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My Sanity Saving Pregnancy To Do List

Pregnancy can try the patience of even the most tolerant woman. It is so very worth the wait when the baby finally arrives, but when you are just beyond the halfway point, the counting down of days, nausea (still?! Just when I think that part is over!), and stretching of body parts can push one to the breaking point.

To maintain sanity, I have put together a list of fun, positive activities to keep my mind occupied and my body healthy during the last three and a half months of pregnancy.


Have an amazing date with my hubby. I might even pay. He has been a rock star lately taking care of our two-year-old so I can rest after work.

Keep my toes freshly pedicured, even when I can’t see them. As I was being prepped for a C-section with my first daughter, I remember the nurses complimenting me on my pedi. It’s funny that I remember that moment, but it really provided some great casual conversation in an otherwise freaky moment.

Have a girls’ weekend with my bestie. It doesn’t hurt that this involves meeting up for a Stevie Nicks concert.

Relish quality time with my daughter. My two-year-old is extremely excited to be a big sister, but I also recognize it will be a major life change for her. She is at such a fun age and I am determined to absorb every bit of her spirited personality. I want to make sure I devote enough time and attention to each of these dear girls so they always know how special and loved they are.

Work hard. But not too hard. Focusing on projects at work reminds me I have more of a purpose than just cranking out babies, but I realized I overdid it a bit at work with my first pregnancy. I’m in a new job now with better work-life balance and I intend to take a longer maternity leave this time.

Keep the freezer stocked with ice cream from my favorite shop. Mine happens to be this adorable little shop in Rapid City, South Dakota, which features the most divine ice cream made in-house.

Read. Read. Read. And not books about pregnancy. I read a couple of pregnancy books my first time around and I did pick up a copy of The Essential C-Section Guide by Maureen Connolly and Dana Sullivan to prepare this time, but getting bogged down in constant pregnancy reading causes my mind to go into overdrive analyzing all the possible situations that could go wrong. I’m diving head first into this NPR list and it is a great distraction from all things pregnancy and baby.

Have a prenatal massage. I had a prenatal massage at about seven months with my first pregnancy and it was absolutely the most relaxing experience ever. I felt like a new woman and it really helped relieve pain and energize my body for the remainder of the pregnancy.

Connect with other pregnant women. During my first pregnancy, one of my best friends was pregnant during the exact same time (her son is a week younger than my daughter). Having that camaraderie was amazing, but this time around I really don’t know any other pregnant women. I have decided to check out some of the pregnancy blogs online. My favorite is Pregnant Chicken.

Touch my toes every day. This seems like a really strange thing, but when I was pregnant with my first daughter I made it a point to bend over and touch my toes daily. If you do it every day, you should be able to for the entirety of the pregnancy. There was something about maintaining that capability and the process of stretching daily felt great throughout my pregnant body.

Be grateful. This is most likely my last pregnancy, which really doesn’t make me sad at all, but at the same time, I realize I should remember these moments and be glad I got to experience the miracle of pregnancy twice in my life.


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