Parenting: Requirements of the Girl Dad

Within three months my husband will be officially out-numbered by girls. I can’t imagine a better guy for the job of parenting daughters. He’s patient, level-headed, and kind, and expects that behavior out of others. There are certain duties required of a Girl Dad that I did not realize existed until watching my husband’s relationship with our daughter unfold. I love observing their relationship and can’t wait to see how great he is with two little girls.


(Photo by Alyssa Crawford Photography)

Here are a few pointers for the Girl Dad:

Respond with “pretty!” at least a dozen times a day in response to everything from hairstyles to artwork to temporary tattoos.

Spend hours searching for tiny Barbie and Calico Critters accessories. Just this morning, my husband spend at least 15 minutes looking for a miniature corn-on-the-cob at my daughter’s request.

Be silly. There’s a certain silliness dads can have with their daughters that is different from the relationship they have with sons. I love to observe just how goofy my usually pretty serious hubby will get when he is caught up in the moment with our two-year-old girl.

Use the birth of your daughter to justify the purchase of a high-dollar rifle.

Teach your girls your hobbies. There is no reason not to involve your girls in whatever you like to do. My oldest daughter can’t wait to test out her new golf clubs with her dad this summer.

Give in to the hugs, kisses, piggy-back rides, and general abundance of affection. My husband, always a bit shy about public displays of affection, has realized it is futile to keep our daughter from smothering him with kisses or hanging on his back in restaurants or at the grocery store.

Hold your daughters to a high standard. A girl never wants to disappoint her daddy. The desire to make my dad proud is probably responsible for at least 75 percent of the success I have had in life. When a dad believes in his daughter, she believes in herself.


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