In My House

10 Recent Pregnancy Thoughts: 34 Weeks

Not too much longer now. I’m running out of steam and I am ready to meet this little gal. I continue to obsess over my excitement at seeing my older daughter meet her sister. Here are a few other thoughts running through my brain.


10. I usually fall fast asleep by 9 p.m. but then awake in the middle of the night for an hour or so. How do I fill this hour? By reading headlines on The Onion and trying to keep from waking my family with my giggling.

9: I think I probably looked really awesome when I was dusting my living room and jamming out to Tool at eight months preggo.

8. My hip pain has now turned into full leg pain.

7. I need more ice cream.

6. I am looking forward to enjoying a nice, cool glass of pinot grigio and I’m not afraid to admit it.

5. You don’t have to comment on my belly. I know it’s there. You know it’s there. Let’s talk about the weather.

4. I watch the gummies in my last bottle of prenatal vitamins dwindle like sand in an hour-glass and it gives me hope.

3. Lemon lime Gatorade is my new favorite thing. I like to pour it in a Riedel glass to really let it breathe.

2. This time around I’m not going to be shy about limiting visitors to the house right after the baby is born. So please don’t take offense with my honesty, said visitors. And if you visit, please bring food or pinot grigio (see #6).

1: It makes me giggle when people ask if I have the nursery ready. It has been ready since Thanksgiving. That’s just who I am.


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