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My Favorite Baby Items

Our new baby will be arriving soon, and I am grateful to have invested in and registered for some great basic items during my first pregnancy that will serve us well with my second baby. We have had very little to stock up on this time: Some diapers, some new bottles, and a few cute outfits so she doesn’t have to completely rely on her big sister’s hand-me-downs. We’ll also need to pick up a new umbrella stroller at some point because our first daughter’s has been run into the ground.

Here are some of my favorite baby basics that I used constantly with my first daughter and will once again turn to with our new girl. What are your favorite baby items? What were some of the over-rated items you wouldn’t spend money on again?


1. Aden + Anais swaddle blankets were one of my favorite gifts received when our first baby was born. They wash up beautifully every time and feature gorgeous patterns. They serve as a blanket, burp rag, and wiper of all things gross, but look brand new after each trip through the washing machine. ( 2. Because our older daughter was small for her age, she continued to nap in this Graco Simple Sway Swing even when the motor completely died because we used it 22 hours a day. We were happy to invest in a new one for our second baby and hope it is the lifesaver it was the first time around. (Target) 3. The Cuisinart mini chopper doesn’t seem like a baby item, but I loved it for making homemade baby food for my little one. (Bed Bath & Beyond) 4. We used Dr. Brown’s bottles from the very beginning with our first daughter and she never had tummy troubles at all. My best friend and I swear by them. (Available at Target or online) 5. The thought of carrying around a bag featuring images of Winnie the Pooh or teddy bears was too much for this handbag fan to handle. My husband gave me this classic diaper bag for Christmas right after we found out we were expecting our first baby and I still love it. I’ll use it this time around, too, and might even use it as a work tote after I no longer need a diaper bag. (Kate Spade) 6. I loved this Fisher-Price high chair that straps on any kitchen chair. It was great for use at home or trips to Grandma’s and turns into a simple booster seat as the child grows. (Kohl’s)


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