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10 Recent Pregnancy Thoughts: 36 Weeks

This is one last pregnancy update before the little gal arrives. Hopefully in a few short weeks I’ll be posting some pictures here of a healthy, happy girl and her proud big sis.


10. The hip pain has subsided a bit thanks to a prenatal massage and fabulous pedicure last weekend. Now to power through three more weeks!

9: I am relieved we got good news at our follow-up ultrasound this past week. And the girl has the chubbiest of cheeks. Thank you, ice cream from Silver Lining Creamery, of which I cannot get enough.

8. Is it too early to box up and donate these maternity clothes? I’m so. tired. of. them.

7. Often when getting up from the couch or out of bed I feel like a turtle that got flipped onto its back and can’t move.

6. I continue to want cereal constantly.

5. When something falls on the floor I have a lengthy internal debate over if it is worth retrieving.

4. People keep saying “it’ll start going really fast now.” I’m still waiting for it to “start going really fast.”

3. Nesting update: I will overzealously organize any stack of papers, magazines, etc. I encounter. If I come over to your house and go through your mail or clean out a closet, don’t be offended.

2. I’m way past the joking stage of pregnancy (is there one?) so don’t expect any April Fool’s Day labor jokes out of me. If I call and say I’m in labor, I’m in labor.

1: As annoying as it is to have everyone looking at my gigantic belly all the time, at least I’m not like April the Giraffe being monitored by a 24/7 live video feed where people can watch to see if I’m in labor yet. So there’s that.


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