In My House

Bashful and Blush

My fellow fans of Steel Magnolias will remember how Shelby selected Bashful and Blush as her wedding colors. Pink and Pink? No, Bashful and Blush! I was horrified by those colors. I generally gravitate far, far away from anything pink, but I’m kind of loving some of the blush clothing items out there right now.

Here are a few things I would definitely wear, especially if paired with neutral black or tan.


1. I would pair these pink pants with black or gray, not more pink like the model is wearing here. (Banana Republic) 2. I’m loving these sandals and feel they would really set off my recent pink pedi. (ModCloth) 3. I have no weddings to attend this summer, but if I did, I would be buying and wearing this skirt. (Eliza J at Herberger’s) 4. This bag is a great size and this shade of pink would be versatile. (Anthropologie) 5. I love cardigans in every color. (J. Crew) 6. This dress looks so comfortable and feminine for summer. (Loft)


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