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To All the Moms

Happy Mother’s Day weekend. To me, the idea of this holiday is that, for one day, we are truly united in motherhood. The stay-at-home-mom is not pitted against the career woman. The Type A mom is no better than the one who sent her child to school with peanut butter in his hair. The truth is, we are all our own harshest critic when it comes to mothering our children. Why? Because the stakes are so high. We love them so much.


So this weekend, make sure you are pampered. If not by your children, spouse, or someone else in your life, pamper yourself. Take a little time this weekend to honor the mothers in your life, and remember those praying to become moms that haven’t yet. They’re already mothers in their hearts.

Motherhood is full of epic challenges and amazing rewards. It is simultaneously exhausting and exhilarating. When we are united in building each other up in this crazy adventure instead of tearing each other down, just think of how unstoppable we can be. Happy Mother’s Day to all of you!


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