Trying to Just Be

Sit still.

As parents we say this phrase constantly, but do we ever take the advice ourselves? I’m talking about sitting on the porch or couch without thinking of the next task to be accomplished. No technology. No words. No guilty thoughts of what we should be doing. Just be.


It’s difficult. With or without children, being a responsible adult is challenging. We are expected to keep a tidy home, be nice to people, be good at our careers, and remember to put on matching shoes day after day. I include that last item because I actually failed at it shortly after returning to work after having my first child.

I have long struggled with allowing myself moments to just be. I prioritize accomplishing tasks over personal well-being. Yesterday while holding my newborn daughter I found myself anxiously awaiting the moment she would fall asleep so I could put her in her crib and go do laundry.

This made me sad. Yes, laundry has to be done at some point, but she won’t be little long. Why can’t I be in the moment without obsessing over meaningless tasks.

Moving forward I am going to be aware of this and soak up those moments. We have the rest of our lives to do laundry and unload the dishwasher, but how often do we allow ourselves to sit on the porch and watch the sun go down? To hold a newborn baby well after she has fallen asleep? To just be.


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