Black Hills Adventures: The 1880 Train

My dear friend and her two adorable sons visited us this week. I love when friends come visit. The icing on the cake is the visit is an excuse to check out some local tourist attractions. This time we took a ride on the 1880 Train.


Despite having lived in the Black Hills area most of my life, I had never ridden the train.


My mom graciously agreed to watch my one-month-old so my friend and I could take my two-year-old, and her two-year-old and four-year-old on a train ride.


The ride from Hill City to Keystone and back again is beautiful and relaxing. Our kids enjoyed chatting with the friendly conductor and hearing the whistle.


My friend and I enjoyed watching our littles be little even if it meant cleaning up two bags of jelly beans spilled on the train car floor. They aren’t little long. We were reminded of this when we saw the bored teenager sleeping with his ear buds in on the train bench behind his parents.


Also on site at the train depot in Hill City is the South Dakota State Railroad Museum, which is definitely worth checking out.



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