In My House

In My House: Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day

Lately I have been ordering most of our household cleaning products from Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day and I get so excited when the box of brightly labeled products arrives.


My favorite products are the all-purpose cleaner spray and the dishwasher packs. I have tried probably a dozen dishwasher soaps and nothing works like these!

Nowhere in my small town sells Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day and even the nearest Target only has a limited selection, but Mrs. Meyer’s online offers free shipping on any order of more than $30.

The first time you order, you receive this handy scratch-n-sniff guide so you can order fragrances you love. The site also offers automatic shipments, which I have yet to take advantage of because I love trying different scents every time I order.


The scents are not perfumey and are true to what they are supposed to be. After I had cleaned my kitchen counters with the lilac all-purpose spray, my mother-in-law asked if I had real lilacs in the house. My favorite scents (right now) are the radish, geranium, and lemon verbena.


Aside from being effective and featuring lovely scents, Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day uses mostly plant-derived products, and steers clears of harsh chemicals. Still, it works!


I received no compensation for writing this post, I simply enjoy sharing products I love.


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