In My House

A Simple Holiday To Do List

December is officially here and with it the busy feeling that, if not kept in check, can bog us down and take the magic out of the holidays in a hurry. This year I am vowing to slow down, simplify, and enjoy every day of December. Here are 10 things on my to do list and all are about slowing down and enjoying this time of year.


Remember a neighbor.

Donate toys for children.

Get lost in the Nutcracker ballet.

Say no to something to fully enjoy something else.

Connect with new friends. Catch up with old friends.

Savor every Christmas card received.

Shop early, relax later.

Watch Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer as many times as my three-year-old (ahem, and me) requests.

Hang out under the mistletoe when my husband is looking.

See the magic of Christmas through my children’s eyes.



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