In My House

A Season for Minimalism

I’ll be honest. Christmas had a way of overwhelming me. Again. The first two weeks of December I was stress-free, completing my Simple Holiday To Do List with enthusiasm. Then came the influx of toys, boxes, heavy meals, candy, cookies, and trash, trash everywhere.

I enjoyed the time with family and friends, but the sheer amount of stuff everywhere had turned me into a bit of a Scrooge, or the Grinch, or the boss on National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (you know, the one who gives Clark a jelly of the month subscription instead of a monetary bonus.) I can feel myself turning into this monster and as much as I try to be Buddy from Elf, I just can’t wait to get organized again. Does anyone else out there feel me?


I truly am grateful that friends, family, and neighbors love us and want to give gifts, but how can we embrace the joy and magic of the seasons without drowning in cardboard toy packaging and crinkled wrapping paper? We find ourselves drifting from the real meaning of the Christmas season. Spoiler alert: It’s not presents.

So as we begin January, I am thrilled to once again be back to a normal routine. I took down the tree on December 28 and have three boxes of clothes and toys in my trunk just waiting for our local donation center to be open again. This brings me peace.

January is about getting organized, getting healthy, and undoing all the madness December brings. While I don’t have official resolutions this year, I will continue to focus on being the best version of myself for my husband, daughters, and friends, and embracing a deep gratitude for the gifts money can’t buy.






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