In My House

The Happy Category

There is something so refreshing about sweeping, mopping, and dusting after putting away the Christmas decorations. I know I have said this before and I probably sound like the ultimate Scrooge, but it is such a good feeling to transition from the excess of December to the simplicity of January. January brings a sense of renewal and the opportunity to press the reset button. Further, we are actually encouraged to take care of ourselves!

I’m not talking about setting unrealistic or unattainable New Year’s resolutions, but instead seizing the opportunity to make time for own well-being. January can be a difficult time of year for me if I let it. I don’t enjoy the extreme cold, and several of my saddest memories (loss of grandparents, etc.) have been in January.

As I look back on 2021, I have to say there was much for which to be thankful. Although the world was not back to normal and working in healthcare continued to provide plenty of challenges, it was a good year. Our daughters are healthy and happy. We traveled a bit and spent a lot of time outdoors. I spent some quality time with my nearest, dearest friends. I read, ran, and usually got enough sleep. I bought concert tickets (fingers crossed) for this coming May.

So as we begin January, I have to be mindful to not let myself slip into a rut. So this year I’m going to keep it simple and try my best to stay in the happy category. I’m also setting some modest, attainable goals for 2022 that remind me to keep doing what I love: Run 365 miles, read 20 books, and post on A HOUSE WITH CHARACTER twice a month. Of course I will also try to weave in some travel, live music (again, fingers crossed), spoiling Norman, hanging out with the kids, and going on dates with my husband.

I hope you, too, are finding ways to stay in the happy category in 2022. Whatever curveballs the world throws us, there is usually something to laugh about. Even if a Chihuahua is biting your ankles. Cheers.