Holding onto Three

Any parent will tell you how quickly time flies. Any grandparent will tell you if you blink, suddenly your little ones are grown and starting families of their own. And great-grandparents? Don’t even get them started on the swift passage of time.

I was excited to celebrate my daughters’ transitions to age one and my oldest turning two, and then three. Each of those milestones meant new experiences, as the personality of this sweet little thing bloomed and flourished. While I’m looking forward to the fun that age four will bring, I am feeling the need to dig my nails into time and tell it to SLOW DOWN! Slow down and let me absorb each and every wonderful moment that having a three-year-old daughter brings.

June 2018

Three is downright magical. It’s the perfect balance of capability, enthusiasm, and innocence. A three-year-old makes everything exciting. Mine in particular is sensitive, sweet, funny, and unapologetically girly.

So while bidding age three adieu is bittersweet, I look forward to the joy that age four will bring. The really beautiful thing is we get to anticipate the experience of age three again as this delightful girl’s precious baby sister grows.

I recently read a blog post written by a mother of a boy who passed away suddenly at a young age. She urged us as parents not to mourn our children getting older, but to be thankful for every one of those birthday celebrations because nothing is certain. Getting to know our children at every unique and beautiful age is truly a blessing, even if we don’t think we’re quite ready for them to grow up.


In My House

Happy Birthday Norm

Norman turns seven today. I can hardly believe it.


Here is some more information about Norman.

Norman is an Aquarius which means he is witty and clever but also insists on having his own way.


  • Curling up on the couch watching Hoda and Kathie Lee while Mom and Dad are at work
  • Belly rubs
  • Running around Grandpa and Grandma’s farm
  • Russian literature
  • Barking at/with the Jack Russell terriers next door


  • The vacuum cleaner
  • Cats
  • People who post about their stomach ailments on Facebook
  • Kissing noises
  • When Mommy pets other dogs

Happy birthday to my delightful boy.