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The Candy-Free Easter Basket

Call me a fun-hater, but I get tired of the candy overload children are exposed to at every holiday. It gets crazy. Before we can finish the abundance of Halloween candy, Christmas is here. Then Valentine’s Day and Easter quickly follow. The candy just won’t quit.

So this year the Easter Bunny is bringing (gasp!) no candy. Fortunately there are some fun Easter treats out there that don’t involve a sugar high.


My girl’s basket this year is actually a hot pink beach pail I nabbed for $4 from Oriental Trading.


Oriental Trading also has a wide selection of plastic eggs filled with non-candy items such as stickers and temporary tattoos. I opted for these eggs filled with zoo animals.


Then there are two sets of spring-themed pajamas from Carter’s. Clothes might seem boring to some kids, but my girl is going through a major wave of enthusiasm over pajamas.


Finally, there are bottles and a beach outfit for Bitty Baby.

It’s simple, candy-free, and I would argue even more fun than a sugar-filled basket.

Happy Easter!